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Auto finance isn't always simple: You need a loan to get good credit, but you need good credit to get a loan. This is where Buckeye Car Loan comes in, we have special finance programs for any credit type.  Learn More >>

Everyone needs a car, but not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend same-day at the dealer. Buckeye Car Loan offers $0 down and no trade approvals for all credit types.

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First Time Buyers

Not every buyer has good or bad credit. Some have none at all! Buckeye Car Loan has access to first-time buyer programs that can approve you with no credit history.

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Don't get suck letting the dealer pick your car because you have less than perfect credit. At Buckeye Car Loan you are pre-approved online and can focus on finding the vehicle that suits you. Learn More >>

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Bankruptcy can leave a lasting mark on your credit, but it is not the end! our network of dealers has decades of experience dealing with chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy. Learn More >>

Everyone makes mistakes. At Buckeye Car Loan we believe that second chances should apply to credit too. We offer amnesty programs for the toughest situations. Learn More >>

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